Prayer Shawl Ministry

New Missions of the Ministry (7/4/2014)

Our ministry continues to knit and crochet numerous shawls for the sick members of our parish, our community, and any other individual for whom a shawl is requested.  We have provided shawls to not only individuals from multiple religions and states, our shawls have reached other counties as well!  We were even blessed to offer a prayer shawl to the Pope!

Recently someone in our ministry made a wedding caplet for a friend of hers. This Advent begins a new chapter, as we are making baptismal blankets to be given out to the newest members of our Parish here at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

If you would like to request a prayer shawl for a sick member of your community, you may contact us with your request at psolqp@aol.com or call the Parish Center.

Our shawls are made with love and prayers and blessed by our parish Priests.


Origins (11/2/2010)

My name is Janice and I am very proud to a part of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish Family.

It was in the summer of 2006 when I saw the first Prayer Shawl being made by a family member who is very dear to me, Marie Herrick. I was and still am truly inspired with her explanation of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and its Vision. I knew then that this was a very special Ministry and I wanted to be a part of it in some way.

The Vision is to combine the care and love of knitting and crocheting into a Prayerful Ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace.

I finished my first Prayer Shawl on December 2006 and still remember the tears of joy in the woman’s eyes when I gave her the Shawl and Prayer Card.

In October 23, 2008 with the Grace of God and the encouragement and support of our Pastor, Father Larry we had our first Prayer Shawl Meeting.

We had seven members at out first meeting, since then our group has more than doubled. Our Prayer Shawl Family ranges in age; our youngest member is twelve years old and as Father Larry likes to say, “We do have our token Man.”

I am happy to say that we have many members, some who attend the monthly meetings and others who make the shawls at home and bring them to Church for Blessing and delivery.

As we enter our third year together I am so pleased to say that we have given out more than 200 shawls to the sick and homebound members and friends of our Parish Family.

If you are adding someone to our sick list, please consider the healing power of these beautiful shawls when you call the Parish Center.

If you would like to learn more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry please call the Parish Center at 201-845-9566

God’s Hands are working through Our Prayer Shawl Ministry – Those who knit, crochet and receive these shawls are truly Loved and Blessed!

Yours in Christ,



A Letter from the Co-Founder of the Prayer Shawl Ministry

Dear Janice, Thank you for your email and welcome to the circle of shawl makers.  Thank you for sharing your group history.  It sounds like you have a wonderful group!  May we add your group to our Shawl Links page?You’re welcome to share the information from our web site http://www.shawlministry.com with your group for private use.  You can help folks in your immediate group who do not have computers by providing them with a ‘private use copy.  For group members with computers and for people wanting to learn more about the prayer shawls, please invite them to visit our website.  Due to copyrights, the materials from our site are for ‘private use’ use only and not for public display or public distribution.A tool you may find helpful is our Down-loadable Brochure a useful handout for your group and for people who are interested in becoming involved with your ministry.  It has quotes from our site and gives an explanation of the prayer shawls.  There’s even a place where you can add information about your group, such as contact information and meeting times.Thank you for your support of this ministry.  Both Janet and I wish you and your prayer shawl makers blessings as you reach out to serve others through this spiritual practice.  You’re creating tangible, comforting gifts from your hearts and hands that will embrace people and make a special difference in their lives.  May the blessings flow back to you all threefold!Threefold Blessings, Vicky
Victoria A. Cole-Galo
Co-Founder of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and
Webmistress of http://www.shawlministry.com
email: shawlministry@yahoo.com
Co-author of: The Prayer Shawl Companion books by Taunton Press